In 2015 I created Hapwell, a wellness community on Facebook. Over 150 members use the group as a support network for confronting challenges in life, like kickstarting a new healthy eating plan, dealing with a rough breakup, or losing a family member. In June 2016 the group was covered on the Daily Dot.

I've dedicated lots of time to fostering quality discussion and a positive community. I personally contribute healthy recipes, organization tips, lifehacks, and articles on happiness and living well on a daily basis. The group is open for anyone to join


A day in the life of the Listserv

In September 2013 I won the "Listserv lottery." If you're unfamiliar, the Listserve is an e-mail lottery. One person a day wins a chance to broadcast their message to an ever-growing list of thousands of subscribers. Most people who win the Listserv lottery use the opportunity to voice opinions or promote themselves or their products.

When I won, I took a different approach. I asked the thousands of people on the mailing list to each send me a single photo from their day that day. Because it's a blind list, I was curious about the people who made up the community and read the Listserv daily, like I did. I received over 1,000 photos which provided a fascinating peek into the daily lives of the people around the world. I published the photos anonymously on a Tumblr called the Listserv family album.