I witnessed a murder in Baltimore this week

So this is a weird update to share, but yesterday afternoon I was biking to Whole Foods with my fiancé and we saw a man get stabbed to death. 

It was honesty so gruesome I just stood there about 20 feet away watching and taking photos. I wasn't sure how else to react. My partner ran to call 911.

Anyway, I spoke to the Baltimore Sun about the incident. The perpertrator was arrested at the scene and I a gave a full statement to the Baltimore PD. Scary stuff. 

Capital New York did an interview with me

I'm really excited to be featured in the latest edition of Capital New York's "60-second interview" series. 

I talked all about my career and what I do all day at my current job. The biggest thing I hope people get out of it is that life experience trumps internships any day in my opinion. From the piece:

"There are a lot of thirsty NYU journalism majors out there who have resumes stacked with media internships (I was an editorial intern at Harper's Bazaar, so I'm sort of guilty), but these internships don't give you perspective on the world. I think that—especially in journalism—the more people you can relate to and understand the better."

Business Insider did a story on me deleting Instagram

So as many people have realized, I deleted (or rather, deactivated) my Instagram account yesterday. Long story short, I hate the way Instagram has redesigned the Discover page and I felt like I wasn't getting as much from the app as I used to.

I have so many other apps on my phone, I just decided to nix this one. You can read more about my thought process on Business Insider. 

UPDATE: That didn't last long

I spoke to the New York Observer about being vegan

I spoke to the Observer about being vegan and why I don't list my dietary preferences on my online dating profiles. From the article

There was a time when the Daily Mail’s head of social media and emerging platforms was more open about her dietary choices, listing them when she filled out an OkCupid profile, for example.

“I literally didn’t get any messages for two weeks,” Ms. Lorenz said. “I got normal weird creep-o messages from old men in the Bronx, and then people venting about how I am destroying my body… Like it’s an affront to the fact that they like bacon.”

So I hate meat and dairy. What's the problem people!?

Trying Oculus Rift at F8 blew my mind

I've been out in San Francisco all week for Facebook's developer conference, F8.

I got to see Zuck speak and have met a bunch of really interesting people, but the coolest thing so far has been trying out Oculus Rift. 

This was my first time ever experiencing virtual reality and it totally blew my mind. I almost fell off the chair and kept mumbling to the poor Facebook staffer that "this is the future mannn." I really do think it's the future though. I can't wait till the consumer version comes out.

I spent the day at Twitter HQ in San Francisco

I took a day off from eating burritos and hiking in the woods to pay a visit to Twitter's new HQ in San Francisco this week. The office is really gorgeous and there are tons of cool meeting rooms and work areas. 

I met a bunch of engineers and we had lunch on the rooftop where employees were sunning themselves and playing corn hole

One of my favorite gimmicks I saw while there was this real-time tweet visualization of breaking news around the world.

I could really get used to tech company life.

I had a wild night out at New York's only 'Bitcoin bar'

Last night I went with my friends Jessica and Dan from TIME to New York's one and only Bitcoin bar. 

The bar is run by Bitcoin-advocate Charlie Shrem and is just south of Times Sq. EVR (pronounced “ever”) is the first bar in New York to accept bitcoin as a form of payment.

We drank tons of beer, ordered platters of food, and champagne and paid for it all using Bitcoin on our phones. You can read more about Shrem, his bar, and our night out in the story Jess did for TIME.