Digiday did a feature on my work running The Hill's Snapchat account

Didigay did a great feature on how The Hill is using Snapchat to cover the 2016 race. Growing this account has been a fun project for me and I'm honored that the effort has received such wide attention. My favorite quote:

The Hill has become the only game in town on Snapchat when it comes to politics-focused publishers.
— Digiday

Even though I'm often the one hosting our snap stories, fostering an audience on the platform has been a real team effort in our newsroom.

A few stats that didn't make it into the story:

  • The Hill has published over 150 stories on Snapchat since launch this spring consisting of a total of nearly 2,500 individual snaps (pieces of content). 
  • The Hill's average Snapchat story is about 15 snaps (2-2.5 min long)with a mix of photos and videos. 
  • The Hill posted a total of 230 snaps throughout WHCD weekend
  • The Hill averaged around 75 snaps/day at the conventions. 
  • We received 15 million views on our DNC coverage alone (ex.) and The Hill's DNC snapchat story completion rate was a record-breaking 96.6%

Working on The Hill's account has been the first time I've run a brand account outside Snapchat Discover and I can't wait to continue to experiment and further grow our audience throughout the remaining campaign season and beyond.