Facebook wrote a blog post highlighting our 6M views and successful coverage of the Congressional Baseball Game

In July we partnered with Facebook to broadcast the Congressional Baseball Game, a long-running D.C. tradition in which Democratic and Republican members of Congress play a game of baseball against each other to raise money for charity. 

I worked with Facebook to produce and co-host the official Facebook Live stream of the event. The broadcast was our most successful Facebook Live to date and garnered nearly 6M views.

The video was shared by MLB players, Sheryl Sandberg, several members of Congress, and Mark Zuckerberg himself. You can read Facebook's blog post highlighting the success of the broadcast here or watch the full stream.

Here's a great article highlighting some of People's success on Wishbone

The CEO of Science Inc., a California-based startup incubator, wrote a great Medium post highlighting some of the success People saw on Wishbone this spring.

I launched People's Wishbone account while consulting at Time Inc. and helped set the content strategy for Wishbone and other emerging platforms. It was really cool to be able to work so closely with a growing startup to refine its product and build toward shared goals. You can read a little bit more background on Wishbone on TechCrunch.

My time at Time Inc. reminded me how much I love working with designers and product people. I would love to do more of that in the future.

Digiday did a feature on my work running The Hill's Snapchat account

Didigay did a great feature on how The Hill is using Snapchat to cover the 2016 race. Growing this account has been a fun project for me and I'm honored that the effort has received such wide attention. My favorite quote:

The Hill has become the only game in town on Snapchat when it comes to politics-focused publishers.
— Digiday

Even though I'm often the one hosting our snap stories, fostering an audience on the platform has been a real team effort in our newsroom.

A few stats that didn't make it into the story:

  • The Hill has published over 150 stories on Snapchat since launch this spring consisting of a total of nearly 2,500 individual snaps (pieces of content). 
  • The Hill's average Snapchat story is about 15 snaps (2-2.5 min long)with a mix of photos and videos. 
  • The Hill posted a total of 230 snaps throughout WHCD weekend
  • The Hill averaged around 75 snaps/day at the conventions. 
  • We received 15 million views on our DNC coverage alone (ex.) and The Hill's DNC snapchat story completion rate was a record-breaking 96.6%

Working on The Hill's account has been the first time I've run a brand account outside Snapchat Discover and I can't wait to continue to experiment and further grow our audience throughout the remaining campaign season and beyond.

I visited the national candy lobby's temperature controlled candy room

I visited the national candy lobby aka the National Confectioners Association and got to take a tour of its giant temperature-controlled candy room.

We ended up shooting the whole interview in the candy room and I learned about top candy trends for #NationalCandyMonth. Scoop: peanut brittle and organic candies are going to be big in 2017. 

Pretty sweet job if you ask me.

I participated in an attempt to break the record for the Worlds Longest Game of Telephone

I participated in an attempt to break the record for the Worlds Longest Game of Telephone at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore this weekend. You can read more about the attempt in this article in the Baltimore Sun.

At the end of the day, the attempt fell short. But it was fun to participate in such a (nearly) historic event nonetheless.


I'm quoted in the Observer talking about the changing meaning of 'exclusive' in breaking news

I spoke to the New York Observer about the changing nature of the word exclusive. 

The article was on whether or not the word is becoming overused and losing it's power. My thoughts:

"Most exclusives get reblogged and aggregated so quickly that readers don’t even remember or notice the original source,” social media strategist Taylor Lorenz explained. She hasn’t “noticed exclusives providing that significant of a bump [in traffic], unless it’s a big blockbuster-type story.”

I spent New Years in Montreal eating maple snow and dancing with sparklers at a club

It's been a rough couple weeks. I feel so lucky that I was able to spend New Years in Montreal with a bunch of girlfriends. 

It was freezing cold and the whole city was covered in snow, but we had the best time. We ate maple snow (which is essentially maple syrup that they pour into snow and roll around a stick), went clubbing, and ate tons of Montreal bagels. 

I'm happy to have had such a great start to 2016 and I can't wait to see what this year will bring.

I spent a week in Los Angeles meeting with YouTube stars and agents

All I need in this life of sin, is me and my GTs Raw Organic Gingeraid Kombucha

I spent last week out in Los Angeles meeting with people for a project I'm doing for People/Time Inc. I stayed at the Palihouse in Santa Monica which is probably the most instagrammable place I've ever slept at.

I didn't go into the People office in West Hollywood much, but I met with a lot of interesting people and had a lot of thought-stimulating discussions about the internet and the nature of celebrity. Also, I got to go whale watching in Malibu, the weather was A+, and the kombucha flows like water out there.

I interviewed Boo (and tons of other famous YouTube and Vine stars) at Streamcon for People and Entertainment Weekly

I spent Halloween weekend over at the Javits center in NYC at Streamcon, which is being billed as "Vidcon East." 

I interviewed tons of famous YouTubers, YouNowers, and Vine stars. You can check out my video interviews on People and Entertainment Weekly.

My biggest get was an exclusive interview with Boo, an extremely famous Instagram dog. He was just as snuggly IRL as on insta. In true star form, he changed outfits three times while he was there.

I interviewed Drew Barrymore, Dascha Polanco, and Instagram's most famous grandma, Baddiewinkle, at Refinery 29's ten year anniversary party

I've been freelancing at Refinery 29 for a couple months acting as an interim social media director while I help find them someone to take on the roll full time. So far it's been an awesome experience. I've learned so much and the company is killing it on social. 

Tonight R29 threw a huge party in Brooklyn to celebrate its 10 year anniversary and the launch of "29 rooms" an art installation. I was there on the red carpet covering the event on Snapchat. I got to speak to some pretty cool celebs including Drew Barrymore, Dascha Polanco from Orange is the New Black, and Instagram's most famous grandma, Baddiewinkle.